Carrie M. Mitchell; CLM                                                                                         1/16/2017

Changes in work, lifestyles,relationships, institutions and spirituality change is now a commonplace. All things which was what embedded into the life of family when I was growing up some of these changes that enhanced human life for many it had deluded life to “things” , to zombie-life, to being in shadows. What happen to the spiritual life during these changes? Reality has been camouflaged and made pretty so now it is culturally acceptable.

Some people desire a do over and keep it the way it was and do it better mentally. To those people I sa to late. There is less talk, less teaching and preaching on spirituality or should I say how to obtain the mind of Christ, as the Apostle Paul says. We admire so much that our refusal to accept the truth it speaks no longer is life connected with spirituality.

We train our children to think corporate. We tell them to think about a career but not in ministry. Human responsibility of the government while homeless, hunger, and drugs, move through our nation with freedom. This is not an individual problem and we refuse to admit something is wrong with the soul of this nation. The soul of the community, the soul of the family. We hear constantly it is a mindset, and refuse to admit there is the problem of the heart.

The question we must ask ourselves is what are we going to do to make things better for others? It is time for as spiritual trumpet to sound and shake things up. It is time for us to come  from behind the safe wall and become what we do because of what we say and because of who represent. We say we believe rather than pursuing the belief itself.

Maybe , this change would be enough spirituality to change the world.