Pieces of Grace is a ministry of Wesley Church of Hope, United Methodist Church in Columbus , Ohio. Our mission at Wesley Church of Hope is to change our community by putting Gods love into action Our goal is to communicate the message of God’s love, through the world of social media.

We Believe in the Triune God, we believe that he is the Creator of all living things above and below the heavens.

We believe Jesus is his Son, who came upon earth to free humanity from the slavery of sin. Through, whom humanity is freed by his death, and resurrection.

We believe that Jesus Christ left the Holy Spirit for us to be able to continue his work here on this earth until his return.

We believe we have inherited a life filled with love, joy, peace and harmony. We believe that we can over come the evils of this world if we follow the word of God. 

Contact:  Wesley Church of Hope, 2935 Bulen Ave, Columbus Ohio 43207  Phone 614.491.0580 email:  pastorwesleychurchofhope@gmail.com 

Contact piecesofgrace at piecesofgrace2016.com or piecesofgrace2016.org

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