Carrie M. Mitchell; CLM                                                                              January 12, 2017

The Lord is My Shepherd he make’s me lay in the meadows grass.

There is as song that says “because the Lord is my Shepherd I have everything I need.” When I think about David when he wrote and all that he endured during his life. He has come full circle in the sphere of what I call life’s motions. Beginning from the bottom the Shepherd God walked with him through every heartbreak, and every sinful nature. The Lord was there when David felt alone, defeated ready to take his own life at the death of his son.
David wrote Psalm 23 during a period in his life when he laid down and discovered he was at his “ends meet [ my grandmother use to say that].”
The Lord is my shepherd, David claimed the Lord to be his shepherd; the one who would guide, feed, and protect him. Most of all a shepherd who would not allow David to stray too far. This is the suggestion of a close relationship between the sheep [David} and the shepherd [Yahweh]. That is the relationship that I share with the Shepherd, and I want you to experience it too.
See, Jesus says I am the good Shepherd. – John 10:14. To know Jesus like David is to have faith that kind of faith that never turns.

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